Shared Secretarial Service for healthcare professionals to facilitate and enhance communication services and daily scheduling between surgeons, patients and medical facilities.

The service can be fully customised according to individual needs and allows the implementation of a "tailor-made-secretarial management", allowing for a single point of contact among providers and patients.



We are teamed with a law firm that offers legal advice and assistance for doctors who carry out their professional activity as national health employees or as freelance professionals.
The law firm offers:
  • Claims management during the out-of-court phase by liaising with insurance companies (drafting of claim reports, prescription terms verification, examing and forwarding necessary documentation, contacts with the liquidator and fiduciary doctors as well as with the relevant hospitals and clinics).

  • Judicial defense of the health provider with domiciliary assistance if the dispute is established in a different forum rather than the one in Milan.

  • Training courses for health professionals related to civil liability.

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