MediNext, following the recent Italian textile and manufacturing reconversion activities to meet the need for protective devices due to the Coronavirus emergency, offers concrete solutions to simplify everyone’s daily life during this particularly difficult moment.


 masks are a multi-use device with CE Conformity and Characteristics defined as Class I Medical Device  (UNI EN 14683:22019).

The masks are entirely


About Us

Our company selects and distributes minimally invasive surgical products for the Italian healthcare market.

United against COVID-19

Our Credo

Ethics, competence and professionalism are our major commitments to accomplish ambitious projects in collaboration with health providers, partner companies and the medical scenario.

Get to Know Us

MediNext began operations in 2010, thanks to an exclusive partnership with the Spine Division of Zimmer Italy. Since June 2013, MediNext also becomes the reference agency, in Lombardy, for the Spine Division of DePuySynthes, a leading company within the medical sector and part of the Johnson & Johnson family.


Choose Us

For our competence and professionalism with surgeons, health administrators and medical companies.  We are the right partner to work with and invest in serious and sustainable sales projects and business relationships.

Our specialised areas of expertise, where we boast a long and consolidated experience, are:

  • Orthopaedics

  • Neurosurgery

  • Anesthesia and Analgesic therapy

  • Radiology and Neuroradiology

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Phone +39 02 58019434 Fax +39 02 58027359 E-Mail: segreteria@medinextsrl.com